Wycked Tiki

Step into a world of enchanting flavors with this signature cocktail, inspired by the spirited essence of Wycked Rum. Blending the exotic warmth of 50 ml Wycked Rum with the zesty allure of 20 ml Orange Curaçao or Dry Orange, this drink is a symphony of tastes. The tangy zest of half a lime’s juice mingles perfectly with the sweet whispers of 10 ml almond syrup. Adorned with a garnish of fresh lime and mint, this cocktail is not just a drink, but a journey to a tropical paradise. Ready to embark on this flavorful adventure? Let’s mix up some magic!

Wat you’ll need:

  • 50 ml Wycked Rum 
  • 20 ml Orange Curaçao / Dry orange
  • Lime juice (half a lime) 
  • 10 ml almond syrup
  • Garnish with lime and mint 

Let’s get started:

  • Fill your Tiki glass with ice. 
  • Using a shaker, add in the wycked rum, dry orange and almond syrup using a bar measure. Also add lime juice with a citrus juicer
  • Shake and pour into the tiki glass
  • Garnish with lime and mint
  • Enjoy!
wycked tiki cocktail
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