Wycked & Cola

Embark on a classic adventure with a Wycked twist – the Wycked & Cola. This timeless cocktail blends the bold, rich flavors of Wycked Rum with the familiar, comforting effervescence of cola.

Start by pouring 50ml of Wycked Rum into a tall cocktail glass, layering it over ice to chill the soul. Then, let the magic unfold as you add your favorite cola, or for an extraordinary experience, opt for Cola Mixers with Smokey Notes, infusing an extra depth of flavor and kick.

Crown your creation with a lime wedge, fresh or dried, for that final touch of zest. Here’s to a cocktail that’s both familiar and thrillingly unique – cheers to Wycked & Cola!

You'll need:


  • Wycked Rum
  • Coca Cola (or Cola mixers)
  • Lime wedge
  • Ice
  • Tall cocktail glass

Let's get ready to rumble:

Making a perfect Wycked Cola

Start by adding 50ml Wycked rum in your cocktailglas

Next fill your glass with ice. 

Add your favorite cola drink or cola mixer. 

We use Cola Mixers – Smokey Notes for that extra flavor and kick.

Finish your cocktail with a lime wedge. You can use fresh limes or dried ones. We use dried lime wedges.




Wycked Rum Cola
Wycked cola
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