Create great memories.

Wycked Rum™ was born from the ashes of the COVID-19 pandemic, an era tagged as “the toughest crisis since World War II,” where millions worldwide found themselves confined within their own homes. The world stood still, human connection was a rarity, and a pervasive silence reigned.

Life’s precious moments – birthdays, weddings, simple gatherings – were abruptly put on hold, leaving a void that could not be filled. Through this, we were all reminded of a simple, yet profound truth: life is unpredictable, and every moment is a gift to be savored.

As we faced these trials, we also found reasons to celebrate – from the tiniest victories to monumental triumphs. It’s in the spirit of this celebration that Wycked Rum™ was crafted. A toast to resilience, a nod to joy in adversity, and a reminder to never take anything for granted. Embrace every moment, every achievement, every win, big or small, with Wycked Rum™.

Honest & unique.

If you want an accessible and honest rum mixed to perfection. A drink for every occasion; To toast an achievement, to drink during a party or even as a digestif at the end of a nice dinner? Than Wycked Rum™ is your drink. 

Thanks to our unique recipe and distillation process you can enjoy it the way you want, whenever you want.

Wycked Rum Bottle

The Rum

A sweet dark rum

COO: Dominican Republic, Guyana, Barbados and Jamaica

Bottled & finished in Zandhoven (Belgium)

1 bottle of Wycked rum contains 70cl of rum and 38° of alcohol

Main ingredients: 

  • Tahitian Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Caramel
Vanilla rum

Never settle.

If you want to buy a rum, you have two choices: Buy a sweet rum or a strong one. With Wycked Rum™ we didn’t want to settle for one or the other. So we created a drink that has both: A sweet rum with a strong finish. Excellent for mixing with your favorite soft drink or simply on the rocks. Cheers!


Wycked Rum Bottle

" Life is too short to drink bad rum."

Wycked Rum Signature
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