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Why Wycked Rum?

Perfectly balanced.

You want to enjoy life and celebrate every occasion with an appropriate drink. You don’t want to follow the rules. You drink it the way you want. Mixed, plain or simply on the rocks. That’s why you choose Wycked Rum™. A 38° rum perfectly balanced with Tahitian Vanilla & Caramel, both sweet and strong. Cheers!

Wycked Rum Vanilla

The wycked story.

We believe that in life, you should take nothing for granted. You should enjoy everything. From the smallest achievement to the biggest win. With Wycked Rum™ we created a drink to celebrate. A unique and honest rum mixed to perfection.

What can you expect?

Completely uncompromised.

Wycked Rum™ is a smooth, yet complex rum due to its variety of flavours. Enjoy the delicious Tahitian Vanilla balanced with sweet caramel and cinnamon. Completely uncompromised.

Wycked Rum Bottle

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Wycked Rum

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